What is a Rally?

People often ask what is a Bailey Owners Club Rally, well a Rally sometimes called a Meet or even a Social Camping Event by some organisations is a get together of Caravans and or Motorhomes at a location booked by the Bailey Owners Club. There are different classes of Rallies, some are organised on a commercial site and others arranged on simple landowner’s field locations and anything in between. All Rallies require to be licensed, Rallies held at a commercial site can be held under the Site’s licence and Rallies organised by the Club can be held for five days, or sometimes longer, under an exemption certificate held by the club.

A Rally is just a get together of Club members at a location organised by a member, who is probably the Rally Marshall, who is normally assisted by other members. The locations of the Bailey Rallies are held all over Britain as we are a National Club. (Please look at the Rally list for the latest Rallies) It is meant for people of all ages, and all ages of outfits (as long as they are Baileys!). There are no barriers and children and pets are most welcome. A Rally can be any size, normally from about 15 outfits upwards. A limit may be shown on the Rally list this is normally only restricted by site limitations. Most importantly one of the flexible points of our Rallies is you do not need to book for the whole duration. There will be some costs to go on the Rally, a nightly site fee and a Rally fee. The Rally fee is paid to enable the running of the event, teas coffee etc. etc. but our aim is to provide an affordable stay.

The Locations are found by members and at a minimum have fresh water and toilet emptying facilities. Many will have Club Marquees or even a Hall, each one is different. Some are in superb locations you could only stay at on a Club Rally. The events held are very simple. A welcome get-together with a cuppa and an end of event get-together again with a cuppa. Other things may be planned that you can join in or not as you wish, raffle, quiz, group BBQ and even group visits or meals or just socialise. The Rally Marshal will be able to give you details of the area and things to do around it. Most importantly the main aim is to enjoy yourselves and have a good time.

The benefits of joining a rally are many, you will be with like minded people many of whom have a lot of experience and are delighted to share their knowledge and experience and help with problems. You will visit places and locations not visited or stayed at before. We work hard on our Rallies to be inclusive and not be ‘cliquey’ as some other clubs have the reputation. If it is your first rally you will certainly be looked after by the other members.

Some rallies will have Electric Hook-Up others not. These days with modern Bailey outfits there are few problems with being ‘Off-Grid’ over a five day Rally period even in the winter months.

So don’t be put off by what you might have heard or experienced on other Rallies. We would be delighted if you decide to join us and experience what we have to offer.