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The members area contains links to the newsletters, full rally details and our gallery of pictures from past events.

If any member is having issues logging in please email webupdate@baileyownersclub.org and we will try to assist as soon as possible. Any member that has not paid their subs for the 2016 membership year will currently not be able to login.

Our membership year runs from 1st Janurary to 31st December inclusive but you may join at any time during the year. If you join on or after the 1st October you will be a member until the end of the following December.The membership costs £25 (£20 annual membership + £5 first year joining fee)


My active interest in this club is purely caravanning / motorhome use. As a member of the Club, having paid my subscription, I regard the Club Rules (as approved at an Annual General Meeting) as binding. In particular I agree to respect the life of the countryside and to follow the Country Code.

I consent to my/our personal details being held on the Club's computer database on the understanding that they will only be used for the purposes of the distribution of Club material or other urgent contact by the Club and will not be disclosed to any third parties, other than the members themselves, under any circumstances.

I consent to my address, nominated telephone number, mobile number* and email address* (* where available) being published in the member’s handbook. Your name and membership number will always appear in the member’s directory. If you wish to withhold the rest of the details from being published select yes to the "withhold personal details" option on the application form. If you attend rallies withholding this information can make contacting you more difficult for the marshals.

By joining our club you agree to these conditions.

Price: £25.00