Bailey Owners Club Rules Summary

The Club is administered by the Committee who, using the powers given to them under the Constitution, have prepared the procedures in this document to form a guide for the regulation of the Club’s activities.

This is a summary of the rules / procedures, full details are available on the club website.

The Club publishes from time to time a newsletter, information sheets and a web site to provide information and guidance to Members.

Rallies are generally only open to Members of the Bailey Owners Club attending in Bailey Leisure Vehicles. We occasionally hold special charity rallies where other makes may be invited to attend.

Ralliers and their visitors are expected to be familiar with and to comply with the Caravan Code, the Countryside Code, and the Rally Etiquette Code and to respect all property belonging to the landowner.

Members are welcome to invite, following prior agreement with the Rally Marshal, other friends or relatives (including their children 21 years and over) to stay in the members’ leisure vehicle. These arrangements may incur additional expense for which the Member is responsible.

While on a rally:

Unit spacing while on a rally will be managed by the marshal in accordance with good practice.

Care must be taken not to pollute rivers, streams, etc. with wastewater or the contents of chemical closets. The latter must be deposited into the disposal point agreed between the landowner and the Rally Marshal and will be clearly signposted. Wastewater (grey waste) from the wastewater outlets should be disposed of in accordance with the landowner’s wishes. Wastewater collected in a receptacle should not be allowed to overflow.

Local people should be able to carry on their normal activities when meetings are in progress, and disturbance should be minimized.

If the ground is wet vehicle movements should be kept to a minimum.

Noise travels on the rally field so remember to keep radios and TV’s at low volume. In general after 11 PM all noise should be kept to a minimum.

Generators may be allowed subject to rally marshal permission and time limits.

Open fires / BBQ’s may be allowed with the permission of the rally marshal.

Fire buckets should be used, and a first aid kit / extinguisher are recommended.

There is a 5MPH speed limit on ALL rallies.

Pets are allowed but must be on a lead of 2m or less. All animal mess must be cleaned up and disposed of appropriately.

Any issues of concern while on a rally should be raised with the marshal who is responsible for the safe running of the rally.